Insightful Creation Publication - We INSPIRE to INSPIRE
In a world where selfishness is common as the early morning dew. Where agendas begin with I and ends with me, abides a few chosen, peculiar, hand-selected, and royal people. A selected group of people who utilize their gifts to advance the kingdom. Taking a backseat to pride, wealth, fame, and fortune. These individuals rather choose to reach out and help those who are striving to make it from one day to another. Only those to whom it applies will give themselves unto the LORD. Simply to be used for His glory. 

We are an organization that caters to faith writers and those who have an inner desire to help the fellow man through words of inspiration. Everyone has been placed on this Earth for a particular reason. Our purpose is to inspire, encourage, uplift, and motivate through our published books of inspiration.

We are all instruments arrayed with diverse backgrounds, experiences, understandings, and cultures. There is a common agenda we have as believers or as the scriptures declares members of the body of Christ in particular. As members it is our job to let our light shine before men. It is this light that will illuminate others and transcend the darkness of their understanding. Once illuminated to the brightness of truth, the spirit of repentance overshadows as the scales of unbelief fade away. We each are endowed with a gift that if ignited properly, would give off rays brighter than the sun; thus casting away darkness in the minds of the people. Whether you are an author, poet, minister, writer, builder, teacher, artist of some sort, singer, rapper, motivational speaker, a fellow believer, or whatever your gift may be. We all have a gift or light that can help others. Our goal has to first become saturated with compassion as we reach out to others and thus fulfill the scripture.

                                                Matthew 5:16
 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.